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A limited number of private lessons is available with the instructors.

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Slawek Sochacki and Marzena Stachura

Slawek Sochacki was born in Poland. He started dancing when he was 17 years old. He studied International Standard and Latin under the supervision of the best coaches in Europe. Slawek has a masters degree in Marine Biology.

Marzena Stachura was born in Poland. She started her dance education in her Mom's dance studio at the age of 13, where she studied folk dance and ballroom. Marzena has a masters degree in Marketing and Management.

Marzena and Slawek have been dancing together for over 20 years. They moved to the United States in 2002. For three consecutive years, (2005-2007) they were Polish representatives to the World and European Championships in 10 Dance division and in 2005 in Standard. They were part of the TV show "Ballroom Boot Camp", which was produced for TLC. They choreographed many numbers for the American version of Dancing with the Stars. They were four-time undefeated US and World Open American Smooth Champions. Slawek and Marzena have won over 70 major competitions across both Americas.

Nazar Norov and Irina Kudryashova

Nazar and Irina started to dance at the age of five in Siberia, Russia. They started competing with different partners at the age of six at the various DanceSport Championships in the Krasnoyarsk region, throughout Russia and internationally, winning numerous prestigious titles. In 2001 they started dancing together.

After relocating to Florida in 2007 they turned professional and continued their competitive career. Dancing International Latin, they achieved significant results, winning the titles of North American Rising Star Champions, Grand National Champions, The Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Champions, United States National and Open to The World Rising Star Finalists, and winners and Grand finalists of many more prestigious events around the US. They are also United States National Professional 10 Dance Finalists.

After switching to the American Rhythm style of dancing in March 2013, they immediately had great success by winning every single Rising Star event in which they participated, including the 2013 United States National Professional Rising Star Championship.

Currently they are United States National Professional American Rhythm Vice-Champions and World American Rhythm Professional Silver Medalists. They also are Grand Finalists at every major Championship in the United States.

Nazar and Irina are coaches to many great dancers in Russia and the United States. Among their students there are National and World Pro-Am Champions, Finalists of the British Open Championships and Italian Open Championships, members of the United States Team, and Winners of the WDSF OPEN events.

Nazar is the member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

Irina Gorolevici

Irina is a professional ballroom dancer, certified teacher, certified championship adjudicator, and WDC World Dance Adjudicator.

Originally from Kazakhstan, Irina started to dance at the age of 8. She subsequently won the National Championships four times, and was selected to represent Kazakhstan in the World Championships. Irina won many titles including first place in the International Standard division, and second place in the International Latin division at the Open Asian and Pacific Region Championships.

At the age of 16, Irina moved to Russia to develop her dancing. While there, Irina was invited to join the Standard formation team "Vera"--ten-time Russian champions, and World and European champions--and competed all over the World.

In 2007 Irina earned top honors at the acclaimed Tymen Academy of Art and Culture in Russia and became a professional dancer, art director, and choreographer. She accepted an invitation to the United States, and moved to Boston where she continued to focus on her professional career. Irina enjoys teaching, and her students are always a perfect example of that. Her students are United States national champions and finalists at major competitions. Currently, Irina is competing with her partner and husband, Anatoli Gorolevici. Irina is a finalist in all major competitions in the United States and continues to study and collaborate with the world's top ballroom coaches.

Krisztian Timar

Krisztian Timar has danced both international Latin and standard styles in Hungary. He started dancing at age 10; dancing 13 years as an amateur competitive dancer and 3 years as a professional. He was a finalist in the C and B class National Latin and Standard Championships and a finalist in the Hungarian Professional Standard Championship. Krisztian studied 4 years at the Hungarian Dance Academy and 2 years at the Semmelweis University Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences where he received degrees as a dance teacher and coach.

He was president of both Kner Dance and Nyiri Lajos Dancesport clubs where he taught children, adults, and couples. Both clubs achieved top 10 status in Hungary. From 2004-2010 his couples were 5 times delegated by the Hungarian Dancesport Association to the IDSF World Junior-Youth-Adult Latin Championships.

Krisztian is a member of the Hungarian Dancesport Association and the Hungarian Dance Teacher and Professional Dancer Association. He was elected member of the Adjudicator's Committee of the Hungarian Dancesport Association and is a top-ranked adjudicator in Hungary.

Krisztian currently teaches American rhythm and smooth and International latin and standard styles of dance.

Mark Sheldon and Didi von Deck

Mark and Didi have danced together for over 20 years and were successful competitors in the open amateur, over 35, and professional divisions. Together they represented the United States at seven World Championships and were the first US representatives to the World Games in 2001. They were five-time undefeated US standard champions in the over 35 division and were three-time Blackpool finalists. They won many US and international competitions during their years of active competition.

Mark's first exposure to ballroom dance was in a social dance class as a middle schooler, but he got serious about dancing after joining the MIT ballroom dance club as a graduate student. Dancing and competing made earning his PhD take a bit longer, but enhanced the graduate school experience. After working in industry, his love of teaching brought him back to the university environment. He now teaches computer science at Tufts University. He is also passionate about teaching ballroom dance and, with Didi, has been a longtime coach of the MIT ballroom dance team. He has taught the BU, Harvard, and UConn teams as well.

After taking social ballroom dance during college, Didi discovered the MIT ballroom dance club after her first year in medical school and she became hooked. She even took four years off from medical school to dance and compete. She eventually finished medical school at Harvard, and her love of dance may have been pivotal in her decision to become an orthopaedic surgeon. Didi has an active orthopaedic practice at the Cambridge Health Alliance.

Mark and Didi are both members of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. They have taught at MassABDA's winter dance camp, given lectures at the US National Championships, and routinely conduct workshops in the Boston area. They are adjudicators at many of the area collegiate ballroom dance competitions.

Didi is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches regular classes at Down Under Yoga in Newton and Brookline. She is interested in the role of mindfulness in improving sports performance and gives workshops in sports psychology.

Olga Kinnard

Olga began her training at the age of 5 as a rhythmic gymnast in St. Petersburg, Russia. From an early age, she was exposed to extreme body conditioning techniques that included ballet and flexibility training. After she suffered an injury, she retired from gymnastics and focused her attention on trying different methods of healing her body. She also became interested in Medicine. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University with a degree in Biology and took her MCATs with the intention of going to medical school. However, she found dancing to be therapeutic on many levels; she made a decision to postpone medical school and pursue a career as a professional dancer. After graduation, Olga moved to New York City where she trained intensively in Latin American Dancing. In her career as a competitive dancer, Olga earned many titles including Two-time Canadian Professional Latin Vice-Champion, United Kingdom Open to the World Professional RS Latin Finalist, World Professional South American Show Dance Finalist, U.S. National, U.S. Open and North American Professional RS Latin Champion, and Eastern U.S. Professional Rhythm Champion. She was placed in the top 16 at the World Professional Latin Championships.

Olga is a master choreographer and instructor in the International Latin and American Rhythm styles. Over many years of teaching and coaching, Olga has achieved much success with her students. Olga has been coaching the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team since 2008. She is a founder and owner of Dance Republic Studio located in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts where she is sharing her knowledge and experience with students of all levels and ages.

Oksana Zolotarevskaya

Oksana was born in Siberia, Russia and began dancing at the age of 5. She came to the United States in 2001. Oksana coaches various dance teams and judges professional and collegiate completions throughout the country. Oksana is a United States Professional Mambo Champion, two-time Dutch National Professional Latin Champion, and British National Professional Latin Champion. She is a world class adjudicator.

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